still got the blue for you.

Thanks God for everything you've gave me after all my sins, i admit too many people i've hurt in my past. I'm sorry.

 I'm admit that i still got the blue for you, i really missed him. i want you back, i know im done wrong in our past, im sorry, and i hope every step i take today will prove to you that im still got this feeling. i knew i been annoying around you lately, but i have something i want to prove. Please just let me do my best. i know my past posted, i told i want to move on, i can! im still stuck between us. all the memories, promised have made still here, in my heart. i know i can handle this, trying and i will never regret anything. i will and i can give up on the thing i really want in my life, i know you felt same way right? i know you still missed me. so, lets time decide. i don't care if i have wait for so long, because this feeling towards you never fade away. I promises!

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